5 Reasons why a strong brand is important for your business

November 2019

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A company’s brand represents everything they are, including their customer service, reputation, visual identity and advertising.

When these elements are cohesive, you will have a successful brand. But if your products and services are great but your visual identity doesn’t represent you well you will have trouble acquiring new customers.

Here are 5 reasons why a strong brand is important for your business:

1. Branding Improves Recognition: The biggest recognisable aspect of your business is your logo. Think of how we instantly recognize fast food logos and the icons of our favourite brands. Design is so critical because your graphics will be on everything that your business represents. A professional logo design will represent you beyond words, and can just as well represent you negatively if it is designed badly.

2. Branding Generates Trust: A professional appearance creates credibility and trust. People are more likely to trust your product if your brand appears professional and relevant. Emotional triggers form instantly in the mind of a consumer and if they don’t like the look of your brand they will associate negatively with the product as well. So, make sure your branding represents you positively and forms that connection you need to have a memorable and successful business image.

3. Branding Supports Advertising: Advertising is another way to form a successful brand as it reaches a wide audience. But focus on your demographic and advertise in a way that will relate to them. Too narrow an advertising focus, and a company risks losing their ability to expand into new markets. Too wide a focus, and the company fails to create a definable impression in the minds of possible customers.

4. Branding Motivates Employees: Employees should be considered significant when forming a brand. They should seek involvement in the company and have an intention to grow the business as much as you plan to. When there is a clear vision and mission employees will stay focused on the task at hand and are more likely to feel the same pride and excitement to achieve the goals you have set. Having a strong brand creates that sense of pride and loyalty and gives employees something to believe in.

5. Branding Generates New Customers: Great branding gives you the possibility of being referred by satisfied customers. They will remember your name and pass it on by word of mouth to people who can benefit from your services as well. The most profitable advertising source, word of mouth referrals is only possible when your company has delivered a memorable and positive experience with your customer. The most profitable companies, big and small have one thing in common; they have established themselves as a front-runner in their industry by building a strong brand that people can relate to and recognize.

  • Improves Recognition
  • Generates Trust
  • Supports Advertising
  • Motivates Employees
  • Generates New Customers

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