Leeuberg Dierekliniek

We were approached by Leeuberg Dierekliniek in the Western Cape to start their brand identity from scratch as they were just setting up a new vet practice in Swellendam. Leeuberg Dierekliniek is based on great service, compassion and love for all animals, and that had to reflect in their branding.

Their Emotional Brand Identity was ‘compassion’ and all designs were based around their authentically compassionate service.

We started with the logo design which included all animals they would be helping as a practice. the logo also had to be instantly recognisable as a vet service in the area as they were a new business in town getting their name noticed.

We did a full brand identity for Leeuberg, everything from stationary to shop signage and uniforms. Everything came together as cohesive and today Leeuberg is successfully noticed in and around Swellendam as being a top vet practice based on their hospitality and great service.